Goodal - Ampoule Mist 80Ml (4 Types) Camellia (Oil Type)

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Cosmetic Mist that contain Fine Aqua Ceramide content and articles which often adheres to skin surface area and also kind moisture barrier, offering ampoule like rich as well as lasting hydration Formulated with more than eighty % extract rather than pure water to provide immediate calming and also hydrating side effects to dry skin Water, product, oil ampoules with various moisturizing quantities enable personalized natural skin care based on your skin quality Camellia Ampoule Mist (Oil Type): - Contain eighty three % Camellia Extract - Flavonoid content produces moisture content and also radiance in depth in skin for good, resilient skin point out Fig Ampoule Mist (Milk Type): - Contain eighty four % Fig Extract - Deliver abundant nutritional requirements as well as help make moisture barrier to produce dewy, elastic skin Aloe Ampoule Mist (Water Type): - Contain eighty three % Aloe Vera Leaf Extract - Offer amply moisture content resource and outstanding relaxing effect to vulnerable skin Witch Hazel Ampoule Mist (Water Type): - Contain eighty % Witch Hazel Leaf Extract - Help remedy skin, correct epidermis oil water sense of balance and lower pores for fresh, clear skin The right way to utilize: Shake nicely before usage. Apply a modest volume with ideal spot in a 20cm distance and also gently dap for absorption.