Apagard - Premio Toothpaste 100G

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Pearl part is freshly integrated within nanoparticulate healing hydroxyapatite. Medicated toothpaste associated with a brightening formulation that contains pearl ingredients (brightener: hydrolyzed conchiolin solution). Enhanced tooth glossiness eighteen % with the most effective gloss and also show of Apagard the historical past. It's a top quality form which healing hydroxy apatite is compounded 1.4 times greater in the products and services of ours. It's advised for all those aiming at exquisite pearly whites. Adsorb and remove stains which have got into the problems on the exterior of the teeth, as well as embed constipation with healing substances that happen to be virtually exactly the same as teeth. By filling without throwing it is going to make it a white-colored teeth whale. Premium sort. Healing hydroxy apatite very high combination further on teeth which are white. How you can use: Read the affixed paper closely prior to trying to use.