Caleido Et Bice - Amenita Eyeshadow Palette - 4 Types

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Easy-to-use 3 color palette for adult ready eyes. High-quality nudity eye which often achieves adhesion or style growing. A specific three color eye shadow palette which often matches wet and eyelids. Effortlessly extending cream base offers high luster and also shine, and style & mochi get better with one single program. Macadamia seed oil (cream eye shadow only) maintains the eyes hydrated quite easily. Has many fine grain pearls. Achieves a beautiful luster and also shine, as well as coverings eyelid tone up, lackluster eyes, and uneven tone. Petroleum-derived parts, parabens (preservatives), ethanol, synthetic dyes, UV absorbers, mineral oil, silicon free. How you can use: Extend the lotion foundation in the whole eyelid. Work with a brush to blur the core color with all areas of the eyehole. The core color is blurred with the strategy to make a three dimensional impact. Surface by setting the ideal tone with chips & breathing a small line.