Kokuryudo - Hiskin Moisturizing Gel For Body & Face 190G

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Moist skin with just one body. Vaseline is a wet gel which consists of quite a lot of skin beautifying products. All too easy to utilize with a prescription which cuts off increased stickiness. Leads for the skin you would like to touch the following morning. POINT one Sticky: With vaseline to water based prescriptions (gels), the stickiness is significantly decreased as opposed to traditional vaseline mixture solutions. POINT two Moisturizing Effect: Fully found in a solid gel. Hydrating ingredients penetrate into the stratum corneum. POINT three Increased Growth: A gel form with growing which is great. Hydrating attention is carried out really quickly. Troublesome body treatment in a shorter time frame. Point four High Moisturizing Formula: Carefully selected higher moisturizing style petrolatum. Skin training substances (Isomalt). Has gorgeous skin substances (hyaluronic acid Na, water soluble collagen). Softly floral scent smell. How you can use: Apply a suitable volume to places that drying is a problem. Could even be applied to the experience. Pack Size - 190g