Kose - Hyalocharge Medicated White Milky Lotion Refill 160Ml

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365 days remarkable snappy boasted acquire the skin of yours. Fun away from the stratum cornea shine through. It's a milky lotion which often blends easily with water on the skin. Deeper cost prescription by which materials are able to reach out to properly. Penetrate into the immediate Ikki with whitening components. The moisture filled white skin will not be sticky. Hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) with 3 molecular weights + whitening active component formulation. Suppresses the version of melanin as well as helps prevent freckles and spots. Lightening active component (sustained vitamin C), penetration help ingredient (oleic acid derivative) mixed. Holding moisture in the epidermis, it supports a sense of transparency. Flavor-free, color free, mineral oil. How you can use: Take a suitable volume in the palm of the hands of yours and survive with regard to the skin.