Snp - Black Pearl Renew Black Ampoule Mask 10 Pcs

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Energizes skin which is dried out tired from the outside environment as well as keeps skin balance for soft and bright skin. Has thirty mg black colored pearl extract and also whitening agent niacinamide to deliver clarify, tone, and moisture skin. Energizing mask has black colored pearl extract which in turn improves skin resilience and also brightens skin. Ampoule mask has black colored food extract to reduce free radicals as well as boosts resilience as well as invigorates skin. Thirty % charcoal is is made up o by black sheet. It whitens epidermis and also boosts moisture retention potential. Real sleep for exhausted skin. 4 free system: Free of paraben, artificial color, mineral oil, artificial silicone. Black colored sheet with thirty % charcoal adheres to waste items to clean epidermis and supplies excessive amounts of nutrients to enhance absorption. How you can use: Wash extensively attached place and get rid of the water. When there's some earth or even sweat, it doesn't adhere very well. As a result, work with after washing and drying out. Get rid of fifty percent of transparent movie, connect to preferred area. After that, connect the item, eliminating remaining film. Connect the item simultaneously since adhesion shall be bad when fixing repeatedly.