Farm Stay - Pure Natural Collagen Cleansing Water 500Ml

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Hydrolyzed collagen extract tends to make your skin hydrated and soft. Lavender extract which vitalizes epidermis will help skin smoothen upon removing beauty products. Has hydrolyzed collagen and also lavender extract that will keep skin hydrated and also soft. Put a lot of nutrients and water to dry off and skin which is rough to counteract aging of the skin as well as protect against cracks. Designed with an extremely helpful water soluble cleaning strategy to clean oil, stubborn makeup, sunscreen and dirt. The feel is simple to process and also obtain the result of moisturizing and also nourishing the skin. Watery surface is comfortable and refreshing, hydrating skin while slowly removing beauty products. It feels hydrated plus renewed after use, it does not matter, it does not generate gluey feeling. The bottle entire body is made with pressing, which in turn is hygienic and convenient, and will command the excess weight. How you can utilize: You simply have to employ a cotton pad to lightly wash the face makeup.