Lebel - Iau Lycomint Root Suppli 200Ml

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To silicone free as well as moisture fantastic skin put together by nature. Skin cleansing, balanced. With tomato extract that contains organic mint and also lycopene precursor (menthol). Use on the aging qualifications, give it moisture perfectly, and check it for the area for tresses which is wonderful. Cream which is easy based on close epidermis which often adapts fairly quickly for the skin. It helps to keep your skin that's cleansed and also well balanced with moisture and sebum. Tomato and also mint plant based tomato natural fragrance. How you can use: Put it on on the ground 2 or even 3 times, massage for aproximatelly thirty seconds. After that don't rinse off of the root supplement, give it time to fit the hair solution towards the center towards the idea of the locks and wash out solidly from the skin.