Shiseido - Professional Aqua Intensive Treatment Refill - 2 Types

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Hydrated, deep fulfillment water. Supplementing water towards the idea of the hair, correcting the water in the locks, up a notch affect therapy. It's remedy which often replenishes the water within the hair while restoring harm as well as arranges it with shiny hair without having a pas. one: Light and smooth finish. two: Moist finish elastic. For individuals who actually worry about hair damage, with a pasa, appropriate for individuals who actually repeat perm or hair color. Imagined the bride's bouquet of June, including a herbal eco-friendly accent on the white flowers, a feeling of transparency along with a sense of cleanliness. The way to use: After washing, softly dampen, use correct volume to the whole hair, and after that rinse effectively. Pack Size - 450g