Rohto Mentholatum - 50 Megumi Glossy Cream 90G

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The gloss of your skin decreases with age, thus the dryness of skin will increase with age. A hydrating product which operates like a serum, pack and also cream. It has fifty kinds of ingredient substances for instance three collagen types, hyaluronic acid Na, placenta extract, evening primrose oil resulting in your skin when it relates to your sensitive skin, and camellia seed oil. In addition, concentrating on dullness, it's a hydrating cream with reddish vitamin B12 and also vitamin E combination which often helps to keep your skin in good condition. Right after cleansing the face of yours with product, permit it to dissolve in a suitable amount. You are able to make use of it in the early morning and also evening. Aroma of recovery olive citrus. The orange color of the groundwork is as a result of organic vitamin B12.