Cosmetex Roland - Pure Virgin Extra Face & Body Oil 55Ml - 2 Types

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Organic and natural Olive Oil Face & body treatment gas which provides moisture content to dry skin you value, scratches and scarred tissues after accomplished cure. A hundred % organic organic olive oil squeezed from newly cultivated newly cultivated olive fruits to defend your hair and skin from drying out as well as hydrate and also firm the skin. It is able to also be employed as a basic oil, and the olive virgin oil helps to keep it moisturized, which makes it made for skin which is dried out. It can certainly be worn not just on the experience but in addition on the human body, nails and also scalp. Attention as per the era on skin without firmness. hundred % natural and organic. No enhancer. All-natural Squalane Oil Squalane oil created from deep ocean shark with 99.4 % purity. As it has the exact same ingredients as the epidermis, it is going to soak in to the stratum corneum as well as guarantee that it stays moist. hundred % squalane motor oil with great penetration. You are able to make use of it refreshingly with no sticking. Uses deep sea shark liver oil with a top notch of more than ninety nine % purity and also huge vitality. Colorless, odorless, smooth and solid feel.