Etvos - Presto Type Mineral Foundation Black Case 1 Pc

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Case focused on Etovos Timeless Mineral Foundation. This's a case focused on the classic mineral footing of Etovos. Timeless and simple look with matte pearls which produce dirt much less apparent. Where you can position the puff is a well ventilated perforated variety. You must set highly sought after refill not to mention puff and put it to use. Vertical 7.1 horizontal 10.3 position 1.25 cm The right way to use: Remove the presto style base meal from the refill situation and set it up on the left facet in the event. Since the adhesive is connected to the backside of the base. Make sure you don't wash off of the adhesive as it's, and then dig in solidly so it adheres to the bottom level of the event. Determine the puff on the correct side in the event. When swapping the foundation, make sure you get rid of the basic foundation plate away from the opening on the backside of the event.