Shiseido - Prior Bb Powdery Compact Case Case & Puff 1 Pc

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A little event solely for BB Powdery. Structure with a fixed transparent sheet to keep powdered scattering, thus the mirror is tough to get dirty. Prior Soft brushed sponge which could be utilized on either side. How you can use: Remove the basic foundation (refill) center dish and set it in the event. When setting, raise up the top lid of the transparent sheet, drop in the essential plate directly into the slant. Try to push the advantage of the essential plate from above unless it clicks into position. When closing the compact, in close proximity the transparent sheet on the inside. When getting rid of essential pan from the situation, lift up the transparent sheet. Put the finger of yours on the advantage of the essential pan, as well as lightly pull it set up while pushing it on the left.